Isabel Amarilis Esterl

My name is Isabel Amarilis Esterl. The first 9 years of my life I lived in Brasil with my german parents. My mother was part of an indigenous project where I came in contact with a total different culture then modern culture. With 9 my mother put me in school in a small village in Bavaria, Germany. This was not the last stopp. We kept moving around the Germany and every 2 years I found myself in a complete different environment. 
With 18 years I moved out and started a very settled life in Passau, Germany.
I studied education, worked as Montessori school, yoga and mindfulness teacher. I had a partner and we were planning our future together.
After realising that I cannot work in that school system anymore I decided to live in community I left my old home and became a nomad.
Searching for a community where love exists I found the Possibility Management Village.
Since then I am a Experimenter, a Gaia student, a Feelings Navigator, a warioress and a Spaceholder.